Back from hibernation

Yes, i know its been looong time since i blogged or even logged into wordpress.Now am back and taking a resolution(? lets see how long it lasts) to update my blog ‘regularly’.So a quick update on what i was doing all these days.I must admit work was not that hectic though there were occasional long streches.On the travelling front i was frequenting more to home (3, even 4 times a month) from August till now.When i go home, i enjoy the few minutes i spend with my 1 month old yet-to-be-named niece. Suggestions for name welcome as i gotto be naming her officially given the status of ‘mama’ 🙂

On otherside of life been involved with several things i relish. Premanand and me took a Ubuntu Installation ‘hands on’ workshop  @ SSNLUG in an effort to retrive the sleeping club.Presenting something for the first time to a complete set of new audience was a thrilling experience that too with 0 preparation.Pics are here. Post about that coming soon! . As part of extended work been looking into CCNET and just being amazed the way it does everything and the way its written. At home been looking into Google data Contacts API for doing something. Last week went to barcamp chennai (Yes will post one on that seperately) and to sum up in a word its ‘awesome!!!’. Again going to diwali for this weekend for a 3 day holiday.

Reminding myself on what am supposed to write after this post sometime soon.

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  2. Barcamp Post
  3. Travellogues and rant

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  • Nice post.. kutti ku en mind la strike aana paer.. sahana,nithya,supriya, ananya.. nee un style la yosichi.. ubuntu , lug, nu pista va oru paer vei 😀

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