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Im back home from tour.A long one which made me forget everything for 10 days. When i switched on PC yesterday, typing was like an art which i never knew.400 Mails on primary ID.2 more IDs to check. 250 Feeds to read.I need 2 days to clear off i guess.

Sleeping for more than 12 hours yesterday was one thing which i did for the first time in my life(AFAIK).Have to write few posts about the tour.Will write soon.Just transfered the pics from camera to PC. Uploaded a few to flickr. Im Confused to use Flickr or PicasaWeb. While picasaweb gives me 250 MB cap flickr will show only 200 recent photo,others are not viewable and also has a 100 MB/month cap. Any other photo sharing sites,please suggest.Dont say Y! Photos. It sucks…

And the newyear has come up great for Dataone users.Speed for home users have been increased to 2 Mbps and data limit is also increased.Read data transfers upto 4 GB is possible in 2-8 free time.Have to try it.

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  • Dude! I am expecting a really detailed one on the North India tour.. 🙂

  • Ya man. I too wish i write them asap..but i get only sunday off.. too lazy(!) to spend sometime even in that 24 hours for blogging..another tag is also pending.. lots to write this weekend !!

  • One word: Zooomr. They rock, and new features are comin around daily. ANd, you get a 4gb a month cap with a free pro account…

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