Super Heros

Indian film industry produces lots of these super heros.This is just a sample
1.See how the train moves after his instruction!!(47 secs)

2.Can anyone ride a horse like him!!(16 secs)

links Courtesy : Nitin

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  • He he 🙂 In the 2nd scene, I think the horse actually fell, it cud have hurt itself. If a horse falls on its chest it cant walk anymore. But both of the scenes ridiculously hilarious anyway..

  • Hilarious! I guess I should start watching South Indian movies again. I love comedy, you see.. 🙂

  • Apologies on the second comment, but I think your RSS feeds got screwed up. I’m getting all your posts as new…

  • damn man… they do such crazy things to poor animals 🙁

  • @Prashanth
    Wonder what would menaka gandhi sees this!

    No problem,but i cant help you out because i dont subscribe to my own feeds and i dint do anything which will mess up my feeds,may be your reader would have done something or wordpress would have..

    And ya.. i missed lot of Gaptain movies. the blog would be endless had i included those videos..

  • I got your “Harder the path–>Stronger u become” & “Election fever in TamilNadu” once again, today as new.. 🙂

    PS: I’m having this issue with feeds from your blog only, no one else’s.. 😛

  • @Jnarin

    I cant help it anyway, better unsubscribe and resubscribe.. Report a bug in bloglines or wordpress.I have very few subscribed readers only and none of them have pinged me…
    Anyway read them again,may be god destined you to read my posts again and again :))

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