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Exams over.. Im back here now.exams went on well, dint find anything tough though few papers werent too easy..Actually i must say i maintained my promise & kept out of blog world though i dint study 24 hrs.. God knew i wouldnt study if PC was there days b4 exams,so some spyware attacked, i tried to reinstall 2 days before exams started,but to my vain all CDs were scratched ones..So i dint have PC for almost 1 week, but i installed OS & was back after 2 exams.. My resolution not to orkut till exams are over was broken on the same day & I passively started involving in communities..Anyway now there is one month holidays & there is lots & lots of things present on my to do list..Its getting bigger & bigger as each day progresses..Also i will try to post an entry to blog daily considering the huge list of topics on pending & lot more on the way..

05/06/2006 — A long tiring day..

Like a typical exam day, it started at 2 am with phone discussion of all units with C.R.K, there was absolutely no pressure as the exam was considered a cakewalk..The usual last minute preps with "backseat guys". The exam was kinda OK but not as easy as we expected.Then since it was last exam, i decided to goto friends house.It was a very long journey to sanjeev's house.We reached at 315 & then had lunch at hot chips,then went to his house and relaxed sometime.We had planned a get together for bday(belated surprise treat by  us) of Vinod at pizza hut.So started at 445 & then went to vikki's place frm where we(crk,sanjeev,vinod,josh,vignesh,me) went to pizza hut, madhu & venkat joined..celebrated his bday with cake & pizzas. It was almost 7 when we started frm there.I initially planned to visit my sis place,but it was too late,so decided to get back home.. Madhu dropped me at mylapore, where i waited almost 25 mins for a bus to thiruvanmiyur(worst experience),then a share auto ride from there..again at thiruvanmiyur it was 20 minute wait for bus & finally boarded at 815 with a seat on foot-board,tat too lasted for a very short period,reached home by 930.. Was happy to see my internet connection back on track which went down the night before..was checking my mails & responding to them,then the ever time consuming orkut.. Had lotta of new threads in diff communities as i was away for a day, Was almost 1230 when i was done with tat.. Decided to watch Iruvar DVD got from crk(Wonderful movie half of which i watched on Sunday without even thinking of starting prep for the C# exam next day)..But my f**king system rebooted asusual,i was frustrated, but on the other hand was kinda happy seeing the match as India were playing well..It was tea time there,so i came to my room thinking i would sit on comp,but i couldnt remember anything,i got up at 6am and my dad yelling that TV was on whole night..I actually planned to write this post the night itself,but writing it at 7am, so that the day would start fresh considering i cleared a pending job…

Happy hols for fellow mates…I will keep writing frm now on…Juggernaut is back

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