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I was tagged by Knowledge & Expression on interests..

Movies I would watch over and over again:
Anbae Sivam,University,National Treasure,Home Alone seires

TV shows I love to watch:
Lollu Sabhas,Chidambara Ragasiyam[Naga serials],Interviews with gr8 personalities

My favourite foods :
Pani poori on the roadside with friends
Cheapankizhangu fry
Masala Dosa
Vatha Kuzhambu

My Greatest Heights :
Represented my school TT team for several years;Some what successfull..
One of the computer geeks in my class frm 11th std.
Our vocabuilder software[mini project] came first of the lot.(3)

My Hangouts
Beach on weekends

Things that I hate
reading books,drawing & fine arts stuff,india's rural infrastructure

Great Personalities I would like to dine with
I would rather like others to use my name for this in thier books

Things I dream often
Dreaming of designing & solving a complex software,but most of the time it remains as a dream.

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