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Atlast I did it.A long pending(just 6 months) dream of mine to write my own blog.I was dragged into it first by reading tech blogs, then started personal blogs,realities etc.Well i got tonnes of info frm blogs, So just taught that if my blog too could provide some info to others. So i did it finally.Also it will help one in looking back days easily as hardly a few write N maintain diaries.

I hope to provide a nice mix of tech,reality, informative blogs N update my blog with atleast 2 posts a week.Hope i can make it.

For strangers im Srikanth doing my 3rd yr Computer Science Engineering in SSN College Chennai. Known as logic on my friends circle, Im a person who thinks rationally & dont feel much even if im alone in a place for days together.Hope u can know me completely better only if u get to me with ur idealogies as they differ frm person to person.

Got to find stuff for writing my next post. Gotto go Bye

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  • Just wanted to be the first person to comment on this blog . All the best da !! Nice first intro post too ..

  • machi all the best da…

  • Im sanjeev n i hav known srikanth 4 the past three years n i can confidently say he is one of the best programmers around in the engineering circle at the moment.Has a great appetite 4 techie stuff n constantly keeps pace with day to day advancements.A nice friend to hav and the “god father” of our lab sessions.all the best mr.logic

  • This is for u logic”Great blogging da!!.A very nice first blog to read. continue this!!”


    I met logic(L.Srikanth) in the very first day of the commencement of our college (SSNCE) in our college auditorium seated next to me.Since we had identical names and we were of same department,when our names were called for allocation of our respective classes we both rushed up as our last name or intial was not mentioned. unfortunately they were confused about our allocation our sections.since then we were placed in the same section and we attended our lecture sessions together.As sems passed away we became good friends.


    I just came to know about this guy’s programming knowledge in the lab session.Wow he was awesome!!! and he is still continuing his spell of magic in the lab session.Iam sure of his bright future in computer field, escpecially programming and every one of our class(CSE B also CSE A) agree with me.

    Thank u for patiently going through my comment.Have nice time blogging.

  • @ sanjeev, srikanth, thx guys but dont write testimonials on comments, hope i give more updates to enlighten u

  • wc to the new world dude! me2 frm ssn..2002 pass out..–>

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